Although sexual satisfaction is not determined by the size of the penis, penis size can affect a man’s confidence levels. For a man to perform well during sex, self-esteem and confidence are required otherwise he will perform poorly or fail to perform at all. If you are having the insecurity of having a small penis, our friends at PenilePlus have listed the following 5 ways can help you deal with it.

1. Don’t compare yourself with men who have a bigger manhood

The average penis size should be around 5 to 6 inches. Therefore, if your penis is around this size, you should not feel bad about yourself because most men are about size. If you don’t want to feel bad about yourself, when you watch pornographic movies or talk about penis size with your male friends, you should not compare yourself to them whatsoever. The size of the penis is usually determined by your genes. Alternatively, some people try to enlarge their penis naturally via natural methods. You don’t have to feel bad because it can affect your confidence levels.

Confident Man
Be a confident man and don’t let anything hold you back

2. Compensate the size of your penis by building bigger muscles

If you are not well endowed, you can compensate by working out to build muscles and become lean. Research shows that most women are turned on by a sexy physique. Therefore, if you work out well, women will find you attractive regardless of your penis size. Additionally, you will be healthy and feel good about yourself thus having better sexual encounters.

3. Become better at sex

There are different sex positions which you can use depending on the size of your sex. The main objective here is to improve sex to make sure that you are pleasing your woman. You can ask her what she prefers, research on how you can improve your sex and focus on pleasing her before you reach your climax.

4. Learn new foreplay skills

Foreplay plays a huge role in pleasing your woman. In fact, women prefer foreplay to sex because it allows them to get aroused and reach orgasm fast. Therefore, if you are to deal with the insecurity of having a small penis, you need to learn new foreplay skills. You start by learning what your woman prefers, how he likes it done and what works for her. When you have had a good foreplay, you can have interplay while having sex. Interplay is the process of taking breaks while having sex to do more sensual things like rubbing or licking her clitoris, sensual rubbing of her body, kissing etc.

5. Last longer during sex

Lasting longer during sex will help your woman orgasm and experience maximum pleasure. To achieve this, interplay and long foreplay are recommended. In addition, you can control yourself to avoid ejaculating as soon as you start thrusting her.

On the other hand, if you would like to increase the size of your penis, you can start doing penis exercises. This is the only way you can increase the size of your penis naturally. Penis exercises involve doing the five things discussed above every day for 6 to 15 minutes. If you do it right and consistently, you will expand your penile chambers, stretch your suspensory ligament, strengthen your pubococcygeus muscle to help you last longer during sex and promote blood flow in your shaft.