While you were young, you used to fantasize about how the world will be in future. In fact, most people dream of a better future by being successful and living a happy life. However, as one gets older, reality hits and you understand that what you expected and what you have at the moment are two different things. It is important to understand that your outer world comes from your inner world. This means that, if you dream big, you might end up being successful because you will work towards achieving your dream and vice versa. The first thing you should have is feeling good about yourself. This will help you wake up every day chasing your dreams and working extra hard to realize them.
You need to believe so that you can achieve. It is not easy to believe especially if you are facing tough times. However, whatever you are going through is not permanent but rather temporary. Therefore, you should not focus on it to an extent of losing your peace or feeling bad about yourself. Instead, you should take it as a challenge to put extra effort and work harder. You need to allocate some time on your own each day so that you can work on yourself. You can listen to calming music as you think and plan for your future, have a blank paper and a pen to write your vision or meditate in an open place. If you choose to write, write down how you are feeling at the moment, what you would like to achieve in future, where you would like to live/travel, how you want your life to be and so on. This will help you have a dream and then start working to achieve your dream.

On the other hand, if you prefer thinking as you listen to music or seeing nature, just focus on things that make you happy. This is important because it will help you feel good about yourself as you plan about your future. Normally, when you are in good moods, it is easy to think about positive things and work towards achieving them. You can even start by thinking about good memories you had in the past. In fact, you should use this time to focus on what you do with your energy. This should include your work and your leisure time. Focusing on your energy will help you determine what you enjoy doing, how you use your time and how you can better manage your time. While focusing on your energy and time management, tend to focus less on the amount of money you are earning. If you enjoy what you are doing, money should come second.

You also need to explore your hobbies because they add fun to your life. You are supposed to enjoy life and your hobbies should be a priority. If you are married, involving your spouse and children (if you have any) is recommended to make your relationship better. You should write down the hobbies you love, places you would love to visit and other adventures.

Finally, you will have to review what you’ve written down. To achieve your dreams, you need to choose the things you would like to achieve as soon as possible. When you have a goal, it is easy to achieve it because you will focus your mind and energy on achieving it. Therefore, start with your career/job, determine whether you like it or you will consider another source of income. You don’t have to do a job you don’t like just because you want to pay bills. Instead, you should look for what you enjoy doing because it will give you much satisfaction. When it comes to your hobbies, circle the destinations you would like to go for a vacation, activities you will engage in and who will be there with you. After circling the things you want to achieve, write them in a separate piece of paper and start working towards achieving them. It is not going to be easy because you’ve jotted them down but it will be a good start especially if you are determined.