A lot of people are stuck in doing the same things over and over again in their life. This makes them live a miserable life hoping that things will change one day. You should remember that you are the author of your life and you are the only person who can change your life. Time is the most important commodity we have and the unfortunate thing about it is that it’s limited. Some people’s time is more limited than others making it even worse when squandered. We should enjoy every bit of life regardless of what we are going through. However, this is not the case as people get worried all the time even with meaningless things which they have no control over. You should focus on living rather than existing to enjoy life. Here are some of the ways you should create change to make your life better:

1. As yourself some questionsSince you know yourself better, you should ask yourself some questions to know the kind of life you are living. These are some of the questions you should have answers to:• If you die today, will you have lived your life to the fullest?• In case you die today, can you look back at your life with happiness because you lived well?• Would you look back at your life and feel complete?

If you don’t have the answers to these questions or your answer is ‘NO’ consider changing the way you live because there are a lot of things you are not doing right.

2. Stop worryingIf you would like to find personal freedom and live a better life, stop worrying about everything and enjoy what you have. Some things in life are out of our control and the only we can have a better life is accepting the outcome. Therefore, if you cannot change fate, just accept it because worrying will only make things worse. On the other hand, some people are stuck in bad relationships or crappy jobs because they fear changes. It is true stepping out of your comfort zone can be scary because you don’t know how life will turn out. But, it can be an opportunity to experience so much more in life. You don’t have to stick to an abusive partner in life just because you are worried! That’s not living but existing. There are other people in the world who are praying to meet someone like you and you will be amazed by how much you’ve been missing all those years. Also, if you don’t like your job, consider quitting and start doing what you love.

3. Find happinessFor you to find happiness, you will have to know what makes you happy and then do it each and every day. Going for a walk, watching movies, playing with your child, visiting friends, hiking, cycling, reading or swimming are some of the ways you can find happiness. Make a list of the things you love doing and then make an attempt at engaging in a number of them each day. Remember, even if you have limited time, always try to make time because it is worth it.

4. Have a planMost people waste time because they don’t have a clear schedule of how they should use their day or week. If you know what you are supposed to do at a given time, it becomes easy to achieve a lot of things. Therefore, you can plan your day in advance to avoid wasting time. You can even have a plan for a whole week to make it easy for you to engage in different activities throughout the week.

5. Dream bigIf you are looking forward to living, you need to have a dream. With a dream, you will not do one thing over and over again. Rather, you will follow your plan to realize your dream. It is impossible to achieve the dream you’ve set if you are doing nothing day after day. But, if you dream big, you will have a challenge that will make you wake up early in the morning every day to chase your dream.