A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. That is a Chinese proverb which has been used for many years. Today, most people find it hard to achieve the goals they have set because they don’t have immediate steps to reach them. For your goal to be within reach, you need to be able to do something about it today and not tomorrow. Therefore, there should be a link between where you are and what you want to achieve. Nothing motivates like taking one successful step after another. However, to succeed, you need to start and have the motivation to keep going because if you quit you lose everything you’ve been working for. It is not going to be easy but with determination, focus, hard work and discipline you can achieve everything you want in life. Hence, step out of your comfort zone and start working towards your goal. Although your goals will stretch you as you advance, they should start gradually to help you get used to the process at first.

After you have set your goals, you need to train and prepare to achieve them. Training and preparing here mean learning. You will have to learn new things, gain experience, interact with other people and seek professional advice and opinions. Most people make a mistake of thinking that they can achieve what they’ve been dreaming of overnight. This is not possible because becoming successful is a process. The successful businessmen/women, investors, politicians, musicians etc. started by dreaming and then working towards achieving their dream. They were not successful overnight. In fact, if you read biographies of some successful people, you will be amazed by the number of times they failed, how they toiled and how much they suffered to be where they are now. If you would like to be successful one day and motivate other people, you should be willing to suffer. You will face rejection, financial problems and critics while trying to make it in life. However, if you are focused on your goal, this should not be a hindrance whatsoever. In fact, it should be a motivation for you to work harder to prove your haters/doubters wrong.

In most cases, the goals we set are next level and to achieve them we will have to step up our games. This is where the problem comes in because you cannot be great if you’ve not reached the level required. Depending on your goal, you will have to attain the next level for other people to start considering you. For instance, if you would like to be a professional DJ, you will have to practice a lot, seek help from other established DJs and gradually develop your skills. On the other hand, to become a professional footballer, you will have to practice a lot, join a team and stand out from the rest of the players. Therefore, even if you have a competition to achieve your dream, you should not be worried because if you stand out from the rest you will be the best. However, you need to know the steps you need to take, how you should go about it and start immediately. Avoid wasting time because that will just delay your success or glory.

For most goals, commitment to learning is the first step. Whatever you will be learning, how you will learn and when will be determined by the goal you would like to achieve. Remember, even if your goal is unique or hard, the principle of attaining it is still the same. Therefore, there is no shortcut to becoming successful. There are numerous resources you can read or access to learn how to achieve your dream and become successful. Finally, acting fast is one of the ways you can catapult your goals. Don’t waste time waiting for your dreams or goals to take shape on their own. Start immediately and you will realize that you make progress fast when you get started and you’ve started seeing results as you work on your dreams.