Everyone has a path he or she should follow in life i.e. a destiny. However, we choose our own paths rather than the life we are destined for. One of the reasons why we fail to follow our destiny is fearing that we will fail. It is true that no one likes failing and it is better to succeed in something rather than failing in another. But, sometimes failing teaches us a lot and it is a sign that there is another way. You can fail in something as a way of teaching you a lesson through the hard way or showing you that there is another path you should follow. Bottom line, we should do what we love or what makes us happy. Therefore, the need to pay bills or a huge salary should not make you stick to a job you don’t like. Instead, you should look for an alternative or chase your dreams.

If you would like to know where you are supposed to be, how you are supposed to live and what you are meant to do, consider your past life, how you are living today and seeing how you should fit in the society in future. You need to consider how you chose your path. Did you choose from your thoughts or it was decided for you by others? You should forge your own path by considering a number of reasons such as what you would like to be, how you would like to be remembered, where you want to live, how you want to live, what you love in life, are you happy, would you choose the same path again if the chance is presented or you would choose another path etc.

There is never one path in life. There are many ways which you can use to get to your destiny. The path you choose may differ and you may have to go through difficulties depending on what you want to achieve. You should be led by your passion rather than love for material things. Did you know that you may fail to follow the right path only to find yourself in the same destination? Life is full of mystery and finding your path in life is one of the mystery. Those people who know what they are supposed to do live a happy life because they are contented with what they have. If you have not found your path in life, you will be missing something even if you seem to have it all. There is a certain level of satisfaction you won’t get unless you do what you are meant to. Remember, everyone has a specific role in life and it’s upon to you to find what you are supposed to do with your life.

Your imaginations, passion of your heart and commitment should help you determine your intended path. However, you can change what you are doing and start something new. You don’t have to do something you don’t enjoy or something that does not excite you anymore! You can always change your direction and find something else to do. Nevertheless, take your time to know what you want in life to avoid wasting a lot of time jumping from one thing to the next with an aim of finding what you love doing. You don’t have to defend bad choices or behaviours because you don’t want changes. Instead, be brave, accept new challenges and continue living a happy life.