Fallout 76: Free preview on Fallout 1st and Ingame

FALLOUT 76 | Fallout 1st Free Trial & Double XP Weekend

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From 9 to 15.1 November 2021 Fallout 76 players have the opportunity to test a limited preview for Fallout 1st for free. This includes the membership benefits of the exploitation box and the survival tent. Looks past the action period in the Atomic Shop to request the free Fallout 1st — restricted preview. Current events in Fallout 76: The daily double mutation operations are back! From now on, the opponents are available in the daily operations about unique combinations of two mutations — which not only ensures a beautiful challenge, but gives players twice the chance of playing currency rewards, twice as many legendary cores as well as double EP. And in addition, in a double-EP weekend, you will receive twice the amount of experience for all your efforts in Appalachia. Both events end on 8 November 2021.