Football Manager 2022: The best chollos and cheap signings of the game

Football Manager 2022 is already here, and those who have purchased the game can already access this essential title for fans of football management. This means that its database is already public, and that the players already have the attributes of this new season in world football. Thanks to that, all the secrets of the title are exposed.

If you are a madman of Football Manager, you will be interested in this list with five Hollow o bargains by position. Each of these players can be acquired by a relatively low amount if we take into account their quality. You will have to negotiate with the team, but they are usually open to sell these players for a lower price than they should.

Finally, we have to remember that in Football Manager 2022 a new function has been added that replaces the player s value, and that replaces it by a price range. Therefore, the value that we provide is approximate and varies according to the team, the league and the moment through which the seller club passes. Be that as it is, These are some names that will be worthwhile. By the way, they also interest you also our lists of wonder kids and free agents.


Right sides

FM22 CHEAP Wonderkids Under 1M | Best Football Manager 2022 Wonderkids Left side


Defensive midfielders


Middle Left.

MediaPonta Right

Medicament Central.