Genhin Impact Version 2.3 brings this month Arataki Itto and Gorou

Genshin Impact Version 2.3 Appears on November 24, 2021, for all platforms and is fully stuffed with innovations! As part of the seasonal event, explore shadows in the blizzard the dragon ridge. Attracts warmly and consists with Albedo, Eula and other figures of skill, trailing and combat training to get rewards like the new 4-star sword to get stunk spindle and build your own snowmen.

Arawak INTO and GOOD

As part of the update for Genshin Impact, you know two other playable characters: Arawak INTO and GOOD. Arawak is a 5-star figure attacking with a two-handed and transformed into a powerful ON king by means of the Geo-power. Good is a 4-star character, which also inherits ON power, which tempts it with the bow in the fight.

Attention: At the beginning of version 2.3, there will be action prayers for EULA and Albedo, then Arawak INTO and Good are on the series.

Trauma and the war dog

Also in Trauma there s something to do, because pets disappear in crowds of the scene. Does the mysterious war dog have something to do with it? Saves the missing and get a reward that helps you to restore the forms of some creatures in the pot of transience.

The Golden Garmenfürst in Tsunami

With the update, the Golden Garmenfürst in Tsunami is wide, as well as child games and carps with corrosion lowers the life points of all troop members. Because the Garmenfürst buffs his attack later, he becomes prone to Geo attacks — that s your chance!

Control Prayer 2

The Figure Action Prayer 2 takes a little of the random factor from the drawing of new figures, because a guarantee helps you draw a 5-star figure. Two examples:

5-star figure

If you performed 50 prayers at figure-action prayer and not received a 5-star figure, then further prayers performed in figure-action prayer 2, you will receive a 5-star figure due to the guarantee in any case within 40 prayers of figure-action prayer 2. If you have received a 5-star figure for figure-action prayer, but the 5-star figure received in this prayer is not the 5-star action figure of the current figure action prayer and then with figure-action prayer 2 further prayers Performing, the next 5-star figure will definitely be the 5-star action figure of the current figure-action prayer 2.

4-star figure

If you perform six prayers at figure-action prayer while receiving a 4-star object, but then performing more prayers at figure-action prayer 2, you will definitely receive an object with at least 4 stars within four prayers due to the warranty of figure-action prayer 2. If you receive a 4-star object with figure-action prayer, but the 4-star object obtained in this prayer is not the 4-star action figure of the current figure action prayer and then perform further prayers at figure-action prayer 2, the next 4-star object will definitely be the 4-star action figure of the current figure section 2.

Version 2.3 Special Program|Genshin Impact Good news still at the end: This drawing guarantee is then also invited in future figures.

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