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The team of programmers namhyeonuk Samoyed announced the development of spark tangled G-Star in 2021. Namhyeonuk programmer that he referred to the game plan and abandon Press read deeper impression on the Blog Platform branch and I was able to complete the game in giving up the press, promoting the game explained whether I made.

The following is the full text of a lecture namhyeonuk programmer.

Hurl his resignation to the company boldly

Top 20 BEST Upcoming Metroidvania Indie Games - 2022 & beyond Briefly introduce the The game is helping the e-sports team coach and proceed bank, so the team can win. Match details, I can not interfere, this is the core process of the players he has fostered bank to use any champion.

Team Samoyed is the first team was formed in June 2015. Namhyeonuk the two development systems consisting of programmers and plays his brother namhyeonbin art. Namhyeonuk original programmers had a lot of interest in game development, he said to convince the global type that will start the game development.

The first game was completed around March 2016. It was a simple mobile puzzle game. Was developed in order to experience a cycle consisting of up to game design, development, release, Come to finish the game felt pretty aptitudes are right. I wanted to continue to concentrate on game development after, there was a military problem namhyeonuk programmers began serving as a light industrial worker in June.

He later he traveled the company for four years, and also personally tried the game development success is difficult. He is successful, but the progress of the project in about 16 about 14 gaeyeotda only two. Therefore, he decided to leave the company well, lets start the development of the mind. Namhyeonuk programmer explains that the judge would not vary even if he is repeating the same process in the same environment.

Based on the experience that fails then decided to leave his few conditions. Genre is decided by the simulation genre saw it once on the existing success, decided to develop a one-year period. The great financial problems.

He had an attitude suggesting how to market to complete all the game. He thought again, from planning to market requires experience to focus on game development full time. In the Nick of kettle What many thought the idea to operate the e-sports as a material creating a simulation game is started.

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However, there is a problem. If other sports games, and come follow the rules of the real sport as it is. Sports game user is also familiar with the actual sporting rules. However, e-sports has a copyright on the original game itself. Stay Bring your e-sports game is not to create a simulation game form. Rules often replaced, while new content added to the game also changed the economic aspects.

The e-sports game itself is bound to create a new one. We must create a virtual e-sports games. Game in the game, should have appeared virtual players. So is a lot of information you do not understand a user unfamiliar with the rules. Therefore, I spent a lot of nerve to make a simple game.

Game rules also decided to deathwatch format. A relative for a fixed period of time is one more way that the treatment team win. The actual e-sports game, such as if the but was more complex rules, or the previously mentioned increases as the rule simplified the information to understand the user determines the Deathwatch mode.

Champion available for the early game was also made by typical for easy reading. Player stats also initially had planned to divide into several elements, and eventually was simplified into two attack and defense. Ttyaemun information is based on the ability to understand the large increase user perspective. It had to be intuitively aware rapidly.

Another issue that arose here. To help you understand the game maiden was shallower depth. So was simple. So the added complexity In part. The game and the rules are made to be extended in order. At first, the contest proceeds to 2vs2 format, but when the next season 3vs3 next season is an expression that extends to 4vs4.

There are also a total of 40 dogs in championship games, at first gradually added to the start Game Updates to choose only eight were nominal and allow players to learn.

Part of the management team, the first time I thought you would be alike with another sport. And the regional leagues, the way teams are comprised therein. Again, the complexity felt. The information was much to be learned. It was finally simplifies the league or management systems.

But also consider factors such as the ranks of solo players, discipline instruction, small tactical system, a contract, learning post has grown too large. Simplified and made them all, so they can focus on bank. Since the core of the game was fun bank and took the direction to focus on here.

When the simplified growth — there is a problem on the balance between bank. It is difficult to match this. For example, a formula that was higher ability to win the game unconditionally. So when the game progresses, there is no fun. If it wins had only good contrast, there is no team bank growing significance. While preserving the fun of bank it should be made to feel the joy of growth. This part is the most common concerns.

Abandonment pressure

At this time, giving up pressure is also heard a lot. Stress and pressure to give up is a different concept.

I felt the pressure to give up part of the most significant was the team management. Simulation and automatic battle but is certainly interesting, lacked the fun of team management components that operate over this mechanism. Interesting bonded we continue to refine did Soto. Bank got to think does not match the system. It was only a few months of intensive management system developed for, felt frustrated and wants, and give not produce satisfactory results.

Until finding a solution before inevitably feel pressured. Note them to endure well.

Pressure must give up the development process seems inevitably to be encountered. Acknowledged and must withstand pressure better when I came to find. But over time more enlightened, I thought as the biggest cause had not finished when the company traveled develop the game.

Because hard to manage stress and fatigue accumulated traveled the company. Awake company maiden the game came into the house nor the body and mind exhausted solution, I thought whether it will eventually give up the game development in the middle.

The biggest achievements gained and developed a will be found to exist and Measures of the two pressures. That can not be recognized outside, come two pressures, and the pressure must be endured when I came to find.

Developing and keeping the three principles

It is important here in Hebrews development Gaia years.

Develop the flexibility to health.

lets Roughly making sure fast.

Always maintain a playable build.

The most important thing is, Lets have developed a healthy margin. Game developers have a tremendous drinking coffee image, leaking every night, Kaunda meals with noodles. But we decided as it should develop good games coming out like this. The developers would have to create a healthy and afford a good game.

Games consume a lot of physical strength to play than you think. As tired after work is not it hard to play the game than you think? Game developers also need to test whether the game is fun or not the player perspective, I thought there is no spare tire of the development of a test to correctly would result is not good. It has focused regularly work with.

Mother finish in a certain time Miranda than the schedule to work overtime. Instead, consider the next time that old tasks were conducted in a way to develop more profitable. Pressure is abandoned and connected mentioned above. Since two great pressures encountered in the planning process size, should be developed to determine the most relaxed and healthy to withstand them.

Lets check quickly create rough, the thought that our game development experience and even fewer discuss the planned figure is not drawn well hard. And rapid development is thought to be important to the process because the advantages of a small development team, and quickly develop, test to verify immediately.

Finally, for each function action game should be mutual, you must always play buildable order to test it. It is essential for a lot of play testing.

Development flow

Development flow was as follows. When you start the development Set a goal based on one of the milestones. Whether to implement the goals and what in the test are specifically planning to. After the project is estimated whether any development schedules.

In the primary development task faster and focus to implement them. Art should concentrate on making that can be tested and put on quality rather than build quickly. If work is required in addition to take over the art, and, adding them to improve the quality.

Explore the process of this type play comes to the test build, and how to check whether the implementation and operation of the game. It revised watching how the UI and AI, simulation elements work.

When youre satisfied with the result, art has focused on minor quality improvements. This interval was usually goes through about a month. After the official launch of this statement becomes to improve or add more increased from about two months and a half month.

Planning was another such. Index came in much around in the way, the interview after the game launches question Anna fight developing between brothers, were the stories about how Simeon, but Ive reached the planning.

Planning was another such. Index came in much around in the way, the interview after the game launches question Anna fight developing between brothers, were the stories about how Simeon, but Ive reached the planning.

No net in the development process there is no conflict. The game director who is not a separate, there was a lot of conflicts, to advance the project until both sides agree. Nevertheless, it seems to have a well-planned way to think together Hafiz alike. There were no emotional conflicts.

It is because the story is based on personal feelings rather than evidence. The game is fun and the goal, the fun is subjective. If you have not got enough to talk aimlessly fun becomes vague claims. There is a fun based on a specific reason. Our goal is the result, this element is not why fits well with the goals. Abstract is than do stories come in handy to communicate through the concrete foundation.

I do not think the criticism of comments by criticism of the team is important. If he has a long planning it can be attached. In this case, accept the criticisms of the project as a criticism of himself, it may be forced to stick to comment. In this case, it may interfere with the opinions shared tried not to think objectively.

We do concentrate on the most interesting game story repeatedly, it seems that planning is conducted in a way that you can understand each other without too much conflict.

Thanks to those who gave gamers and scythes bring attention

The following is the marketing. These days marketing is considered quite important. Marketing costs was $0.00. I can not afford to have decided lets make marketing can not write for money. Decking Steam store page, promoting the game in the community, and was also sending a information to the press web zine mail.

To understand the game is only fun to write hidden thought, Is not it is also necessary, such as the Internet broadcast. Asked politely offered to play a streamer people might give for your interest in the game. I did not expect much because the way that relies on pure favors, many people have given us to play games than you think. Just really grateful. Response was good. Broadcast effect extremely large.

Aspects like me to talk about after the launch, South Korea launched initially I sold most common, after also went up foreign share China. Recently I went to a lot of sales in Russia climbed after Russia streamers who enjoy the game.

It was difficult too otherwise. thought would be released at the end of the month. If wanna steam importers receive payment on the last day. Februarys earnings come in at the end of March. When you launch the game in early May a pass count that is close to the period two months. Was a situation that a lot of money when the palace released, it was hard to release a lot of games in early March. Minor but felt quite important.

Viscosity that are sold on the international e-sports competition period increased deep impression. World Cup rolls or sensibly when MSI sales volumes rose. It should not be sure if the same phenomenon repeated next year.

Development is not easier than you might think. Inches develop personally in the company, the different pressures felt inches develop the game in full-time fully. But like the reaction after the launch I was happy indeed. People enjoyed the games I made it be seen enjoying the fun. Currently, and finish the update and contemplating the next game.

Namhyeonuk progressive dimmer and then well make fun games, he finished speaking.