[Gesta 2021] Is the position of general viewers who have been in a thorough disaster,

The G-Star was ready to face the general audience.

From November 18 G-Star will receive regular visitors. Of course, the body temperature test, the entry after confirming the second vaccine inoculation and two weeks after the presence Jimbo done. Visitors do not match the vaccine must bring a PCR negative certificate is not valid only.

What G-Star is preparing to face the general audience will look like? Visitors would come to find BEX CO, for some reason? This Is The Game will be delivered. / Photo: gimseungju reporter

The G-Star has hit the second day. The general audience participation starting today

Of course, officials also must go through quarantine procedures

Medical Soto is ready for emergencies.

regular visitor admission is done here.

vaccination status and PCR tests confirmed before, I proceed from the check-heating and private Disinfection

Corona quarantine procedures

1 m away one entry is made maintaining the positioning

passed this time, the audience began to gather.

whether vaccinated or PCR confirmed whether the speech is done here

I want to enter soon...

the audience to start position under the insole of the field staff

is important, put away.

G-Star only two years!

The visitors waiting to enter Hall

Welcome 1 minute, etc. m syeotdago ball waiting in the parking lot emitter at 1 pm!

One of the visitors to the BIC entrance booth

t Crafts booth in front of the field

The audience gathered for the game experience


I was involved only two years referred to G-Star.

This Is the result of the game, covering many visitors who had the experience to participate in the G-Star has previously announced that participated in the G-Star, thanks to last year s disappointment.

G-Star at the time covering local participation of the audience was the most common is Susan. Ideas because the distance the audience from the many who have continued to participate in the G-Star as, previous close. One participant explained that since 17 years has consistently participated in the G-Star. Maven heard the general audience this time was again immediately apply.

The majority of the games live audience plugging the expected participation captivity that was cacao Games. Because it is expected to launch a variety of games such as the main spawning . A visitor has explained, I left a significance that they can enjoy the game on the spot.

Iteotneundeyo Participants also a mention of the NFT recently emerged as a keyword. But expect NFT-related games such as demonstrating Remade, it has a booth for the general audience less said the inconvenience. However, he expressed expectations as you can see and experience another new game.

Parties involved came to the long-term, regular viewing audience participation was also the first time. The participants from 2011 came as officials participated, in 2021 was involved in the general audience. Tteonatjiman in the gaming industry, it was decided this time to participate in the passion for the game, he has said.

There was also a student couple. They came from the war, without looking at the SAT, the class also proceed to the online blossomed afford was to participate in this G-Star, said Joe stated expectations. He explained dwaetdago attend G-Star for the first time, and both love the game came on a Susan appeals girlfriend.

The majority of the audience is also noteworthy Haitian completed the second vaccination. Hit the second vaccination, but the audience did just two weeks will bring up a separate PCR negative certificate and showed enthusiasm to participate in the G-Star.

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