GTA Vice City: All cheats for PS4 and PS5 (+ GTA Trilogy)

GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition - ALL CHEAT CODES! Remastered Cheats For III, VC & San Andreas! Grand Burglary Automobile: Vice City (additionally known for its abbreviation GTA: VC or, simply, Vice City), is an open-world action-adventure computer game in 3rd individual. It is the 4th title of the Grand Theft Automobile and also the second series in 3D graphics.

We have compiled all cheats to GTA Vice City and the GTA Trilogy for PS4 and PS5 for you. Because nothing makes more joy, as immortal and to the teeth armed by an open game world.

Cheats for GTA Vice City

You can use the cheats on these platforms: The cheats mentioned below can be used on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2.

How to activate the cheats: That s extremely easy. To use the codes, you do not have to call a console or a cheat menu. Instead, you can enter the keyboard shortcuts at any time and the effect is triggered immediately. But beware: the game notices if you cheat and then blocks some trophies. So just does not save.

No money cheat : You can actually make any money in Vice City. But still to come to more dollars, there is a trick. Makes the first mission of Umberto Robin and kills the order killer. Then go to him and repeated him again and again. For everyone occurs, he first gives $50. If that does not work anymore, you have to wait ten seconds and can then come back to him.

General cheats in GTA Vice City

Cheats for vehicle in GTA Vice City

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Rock stars Action Hit Grade Theft Auto Vice City appeared on October 27, 2002, for the PS2. Meanwhile, the game is available thanks to the GTA Trilogy and other porting for various platforms, including PS5, PS4, PS3, Switch, Xbox, Android, iOS and PC.