Halo and cod veterans are apparently working on AAA

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We probably have to get used to the idea: At some point, the Big Players of the Games-Industry products will bring products to the market that set on cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Great names like EA, Ubisoft and Square Enix are already dealing with the topic — More information about this is what you can find on our theme page around Krypto-Gaming.

Insider Leak to NFT Shooter

If it goes after the sources of industry insider Tom Henderson (which often was correct with his announcements), currently already could already be a first-person shooter with AAA quality standards in development that set to cryptocurrencies and NFTs target. The most important corner data from all tweets read as follows:

At the shooter, experienced developers who have already participated in Halo, Call of Duty or The Division.

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Top Influencer from the First-Person area should be advisable to developers. The launch is targeted for 2023, the payment model sets on Free2play. We expect a competitive shooter, which should also operate elements from Escape from Markov. At the heart, it s about gaining weapons, equipment and Co. on a map and resonating the battlefield with the prey. Items that can be safely from the zone can then sell you on the marketplace for the game-internal cryptocurrency. This currency can then exchange for usual cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins and Co. There should be a map editor with which you can create unique cards. The creators such cards also receive the game-internal cryptocurrency, depending on how often the card is played by other players. There should be an optional subscription to organize with NFT drops, the possibility of organizing tournaments, and more.

Sorry about crypto hatred

If you ask why Tom Henderson waives it to name the concrete publisher / developer: the insider knows, of course, how much the topic of cryptocurrency heats the minds and how far the opinions go apart. Example Number 1: While steam games prohibited with crypto feeds, Epic Games wants to receive all crypto games with open arms.

Example Number 2: The Discord CEO Jason Citron finds the topic of obviously very exciting, including overlooking upcoming discord interfaces, but after the critical reactions to a tweet, he also had to calm down very quickly: No, there are no Concrete plans for NFT and Crypto interfaces.

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But back to the rumor kitchen: The shooter should be announced according to Tom Henderson in the coming months. At the latest then we learn which studio is behind the development.

Source : Twitter

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