Handball: Germany is subject to Portugal in the second duel

Handball (additionally referred to as team handball, European handball or Olympic handball) is a team sporting activity in which 2 groups of 7 gamers each (6 out court gamers and also a goalkeeper) pass a round using their hands with the purpose of tossing it right into the goal of the various other team. A common suit includes 2 durations of 30 mins, and the team that scores much more goals victories. Modern handball is used a court of 40 by 20 meters (131 by 66 ft), with a goal in the middle of each end. The goals are surrounded by a 6-metre (20 ft) zone where just the safeguarding goalkeeper is allowed; goals need to be racked up by throwing the round from outside the area or while diving right into it. The sport is normally played indoors, but outside variants exist in the forms of area handball, Czech handball (which were even more typical in the past) and also beach handball. The video game is fast and high-scoring: expert groups now commonly rack up between 20 and also 35 goals each, though lower ratings were not unusual up until a few years earlier. Gamers may rack up hat tricks. Body contact is allowed for the defenders trying to stop the enemies from coming close to the objective. No protective devices is mandated, but players may wear soft protective bands, pads and mouth guards. The game was ordered at the end of the 19th century in Denmark. The contemporary collection of rules was released on 29 October 1917 in Berlin, which is seen as the date of birth of the sport, and had several modifications given that. The initial authorities handball suit was played in the very same year in Germany. The initial international video games were played under these policies for males in 1925 as well as for females in 1930. Male s handball was very first played at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin as outdoors, as well as the next time at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich as inside your home, and has been an Olympic sporting activity because. Women s team handball was added at the 1976 Summer Olympics. The International Handball Federation was created in 1946 and, since 2016, has 197 member federations. The sport is most prominent in Europe, and also European nations have actually won all medals however one in the men s globe championships considering that 1938. In the women s globe champions, only 2 non-European nations have actually won the title: South Korea as well as Brazil. The video game likewise delights in appeal in East Asia, North Africa and parts of South America.

Damper for the young wild: Germany s handball players have lost the second international match against Portugal after the successful restart within 48 hours. The newly formed DUB selection defeated the EM sixth on Sunday 5478 spectators in Düsseldorf with 30:32 (17:17). On Friday evening there had been a 30: 28 victory in Luxembourg. Best throwers in the team of national coach Alfred Gílson were captain Johannes Golda, David Schmidt, Marcel Schiller and Lukas Were with four goals each.

Unlike in the first duel in Luxembourg, Gílson initially put Sebastian Haman and Kreispieler Golda without exception to players who had been debut in the DUB jersey on Friday night. The action of the joy of play no demolition, but the vote already. After a short warm-up phase, the German team at 4: 3 (8.) for the first time in leadership, which was expanded despite some weaknesses in defense and attack to a maximum of four goals (15: 11/23.).

The wingers Lukas Martens (left) and sprouted (right). The 25-year-old nephew of the former national player Volker Were met four times in the first 30 minutes, the same age Magdeburg three times.

In the final phase of the first half, however, the German team came a little out of the rhythm and Portugal at 17:17 for the first time again. Goalkeeper Joel Firmer was thanks to the Gílson protégés not with a backlog in the break went.

Shortly before the rest, it was then emotional: Under the thunderous applause of the spectators, Steffen Reinhold and the longtime captain We Beshear, who achieved a total of 921 goals in 204 international matches, was officially adopted from the national team.

Her successor continued to do so hard, especially since Gílson switched completely to Golda. The result: at 18:22 (36.) The DUB team suddenly lay with four goals behind. The national coach reacted immediately with a break in which he in his displeasure Loud air made.

But it was hardly better, because in the defense further too many gaps stood. Only eleven minutes before the end did the DUB selection managed at which Tor wart Till Glimpse became increasingly stronger, at 26:27 the connection. Although the German attack game faulty

Germany vs Portugal | Full Match Highlights | International Friendly 2021 Remained, succeeded in the final phase of compensation for 29:29. At the end, the Portuguese cheered.