How to buy and sell houses in BitLife

Purchase of a property at bitlife costs a lot of money. It s not an easy task, but it helps to have a full-time job, but for those who do not do it, you will need to start saving early if you want to buy a house without the luxury of a concert at Full time supporting you. You can own multiple properties, so if you buy it soon, you can choose to sell it after a number of years, which should bring you back a little money. If you take care of the house, you can usually make more money selling it than when you have purchased it at the start.

You must be at least 18 years old to buy a house. You must wait for this to happen before you can start watching all the properties available on the market. An excellent way to prepare early for the purchase of a house is to start doing part-time jobs during high school and independent concerts. Among the independent concerts available, the tutoring usually has the highest rate of acceptance, with the best price. You can do it at $ 15 an hour, which usually does $ 400 to $ 500, again and again. You want to make independent concerts as much as possible continuously and have a part-time job.

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At the age of 18, if you have enough money, you should have the opportunity to ask for a loan to buy a house or pay it in cash. For those who have constantly spammed the tutoring option at an independent concert, most of you will probably not be able to pay home with cash, and you have to apply for a loan. You want to ask for a loan keeping in mind the monthly expenses of the house and the mortgage when you accept it.

You want to choose a house in good condition. The higher the condition, the more chance you have to have to keep it too much and waste even more money along the way. However, if you want to borrow a cheaper path, you can choose to buy quality homes below a better price, but you can expect to solve several problems and solve those who use money and time. That s when you want to renovate it.

An excellent way to increase the value of the house is to renovate it. When you try to renovate the house, you can increase the value, but you usually do it at the direct cost of your current income. The more you invest, the more you can increase the current value of the house. For those who buy a house in poor condition, it s a great way to get your money back.

After a few years sitting on the house, you should see how much it goes on the market to sell it. But you will not always be able to sell it. Some years, people buy homes on the left and right, and other times you will not be able to do it. You want to keep in mind how much you paid it and how much you will get off. Usually, it s a good investment to sell it after it has earned about $ 100,000 more than when you had it for the first time.