Just How to Total Maintain Your Friends Close Mission in GTA Vice City

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We ve got a full walkthrough of the Keep Your Friends Close mission in Grand Theft Auto Vice City..

GTA Vice City is a well-written, created, and based game. The tale has all the components that make it worth repeating besides this time.

The entire tale plays out in the fictional world of Vice City as well as follows Tommy Peretti as he climbs to end up being the crime lord.

The missions do a fantastic work in capturing the significance of the tale being told and also placed you on the front seat of all the action.

Nevertheless, GTA Vice City has its fair share of difficult goals, and one of them is the Keep Your Friends Close mission.

It also takes place to be the last objective of the main story, which just includes in the difficulty.

Right here s how you can quickly finish the Maintain Your Friends Close mission in GTA Vice City.

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GTA Vice City: Keep Your Friends Close Mission Walkthrough.

The objective starts in Tommy s workplace, and also right from the beginning, you are charged with eliminating throngs of adversaries charging at you.

One of the simplest methods to complete the goal is by accumulating on sufficient ammunition before you begin with the objective.

For the Keep Your Friends Close mission, you must simply opt for an SMG and sniper rifle as well as ensure you are brought sufficient bullets for those 2 guns.

Sonny s males will try to get in the workplace, and it s up to you to eliminate them prior to that occurs. You can hide behind the work desk and get rid of Sonny s men that originated from the stairways.

After you have killed greater than a dozen crooks, Lance will certainly utter some discussion. At this point, chase him while shooting enemies that can be found in the method.

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Lance will head to the roof covering of the estate follow him yet don t start shooting just yet.

You can take the adrenaline tablet if you want, which will certainly reduce time, making it less complicated to kill the Forelegs and Lance Vance.

Lance will certainly be putting on shield, so you may require a heavy tool. At once, it might seem like Lance is bulletproof, but he will ultimately yield.

After killing him off, you can go downstairs in the little area and take the shield as well as resupply your ammunition.

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Finishing the Vice City Story.

Currently, when you appear of the office, Sonny will certainly show up with 2 more jerks at the end of the primary staircase. To kill Sonny, use the sniper rifle stated previously. This will promptly eliminate him and save you from combating Lorelei s guys.

GTA Vice City - FINAL MISSION - Keep Your Friends Close... (HD)

Once you kill Sonny, the Keep Your Friends Close mission will be achieved, and also a cutscene will certainly play. You will still have the ability to roam around to do various points after the goal.

You can also collect every one of Vice City s Hidden Packages or total side missions if you are looking to reach 100 % Conclusion.

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