LOL: Vodafone Giants shoots his season winning the Iberian Cup

NUNCA DEJES que KASSADIN llegue al LATE GAME!! **FINAL HISTÓRICA** | GIANTS vs MAD | Iberian Cup La Iberian Cup stays at home: Vodafone Giants takes the Copy Ramona After 3 to 0 that looks like a beating, but it was actually at last minute with a dominant Attila and a 113 demonically perfect Flanked will go, according to rumors, without any trophy on your showcase, but with the love of all a hobby and enormous support for your future.

Giants gives the first step in the final

The first map of this final has been practically a monologue for Giants, with a game style brand of the house in which we have seen Antonio with his Oran and the strafing of Miniduke who has fallen in love with more than one. But the main rivalry was going to be seen in the lower lane with a duel between the two strongest compositions of today: Name and Lucian for the bot lane of the giants, and Apollos and thresh for bot lane Of the Lions Madrid who wanted to wait to scale to exploit the game, which unfortunately did not happen.

As expected, the game began with an invasion of the Giants to the Jungle of Lions, causing three of the five players from the Madrid group to burn the flash to be saved from a safe death. However, this was not worth it to stop a Vodafone Giants plugged in and with thirst for blood, in which we have seen the 113-Antonio duplicating once again and Attila giving a recital in the lower lane. Although Mad Lions tried to recover Little by little, it was too late and could not do anything in front of Portuguese that grew even more with each murder.

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113 Lead Giants on the second map

The second game was going to be much more rejoicing in terms of equality in the scoreboard. Oran I went back to Antonio s hands for Giants, while 11 opted for a Diego that was going to give enough to talk about. On the part of Lions, Flanked shot with Real comfort, while Alex s Lee peeked to collapse the giants and the Twisted Fate of Even wanted to be on all sides of the map to try the tie.

From the first minute, Giants wanted to end up as soon as possible, with very good dives in the exterior lanes and dominating the entire map. However, Mad Lions turned and wanted to give a show in Barcelona and began to row with a lee without outstanding. However, 113 was the one that led the baton at all times and an advanced play, the game completely collapsed the lions, giving the match point for those of Malaga in an Iberian full of show.

Attila closes an almost round season for Giants

last game seemed good for lions with its composition. The Barcelona shooter opted for Lucian to burst the game, while the duo of Leblanc and Jar van wanted to burst the game. On the part of the giants, Kennel was the option to stop the feet to those of Madrid, while Attila wanted to go comfortable with Jin, or Powder for young friends that he has in Arcane.

The game was, as well as the second map, very equal from the beginning. Flanked was flying with Lucian and the synergy of Alex and Even was very effective. However, Attila had the floor with a Jinx that would finally do what he knows how to do: explode his rivals and kill them without compassion, you know what I mean. Thus, Vodafone Giants raises the last title of a season that began very badly, but it ended up on everything.