Offers from Mavix Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer discounts on all game chairs

Mavis has revealed its BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY, and this year players can get each one of the Mavis game chairs models with a discount, however, the greatest savings involve the courtesy elem ax, which It has a 50 percent discount with M4 and M5 models and free with M7 and M9 more premium models. The sale is ready to begin, today, at 12:00 p.m. EST and will be extended until November 30 at 6 AM EST.

For those who do not know: Mavis is ​​the manufacturer of some of the best ergonomic chairs for market games. Meanwhile, ELEM AX is a complementary product that is inserted into the back of each Mavis model, providing each of them heating, cooling and massage. Next, you can consult a summary of the offers:

Web page link M4: 10% discount + 50% discount on Elem ax for a $153 + savings M5: 10% discount + 50% discount on ELEM AX to save more than $185 Seat width M5: 10% discount + 50% discount on ELEM AX to save more than $189 M7 — 10% discount + free elem ax for a $290 + saving M9 — 10% discount + free elem ax for a $330 + saving


ELEM AX is a great update for your Mavis game chair

At the end of the day, there is nothing revolutionary in the Elem ax, but like many of the characteristics of the Mavis, it is a pleasant advantage. It does not provide the best massage in the world or provides the perfect regulation of body temperature, but considering that it is an accessory for a playing chair, both very well. If you spend a lot of time sitting on your Mavis, it is an easy recommendation.


MAVIS M9 Review: Comfortable, elegant and customizable

«MAVIS M9 is the best playing chair I've sat for. It is not Jesus of Nazareth or Red Dead Redemption 2 or the original Light and Marched Town House cookies; It will not change your life, but it will do it considerably. Improve it. When it comes to game chairs, you can rarely enjoy style and functionality simultaneously. With the White Mavis M9, you get a lot of these two things, in addition to a variety of personalization options that embarrass the competition. What is the trick? These benefits have a price.


MAVIS M4 Review: One of the best chairs for games in your price range

Mavis M4 tries to simultaneously offer an advanced design at a more economical price. In general, it manages to do this, but there are sacrifices to reduce costs. There are aspects of the M4 that make it feel like an absolute robbery, but there are other aspects that make it feel a bit expensive. The Mavis M4 is more comfortable and is better for your health and productivity compared to the abundance of racing style chairs with which you compete in your price range, but prepare to sacrifice some premium finishes and personalization options for this comfort.