Pokemon Go: How to fight Girata and its weaknesses

The Grand Raid Manager coming to Pokémon Go This month, it s Pirate (Altered Form), and coaches will have to bring their best Pokémon to deal with it. It s a massive creature, determined to shoot down and your team. You will need to team up with friends to overcome this legendary Pokemon, so get ready to bring your A-Game. Although you can fight it with your strongest Pokemon, you want to make sure that you bring the best choices. Here s what you need to know about Grating.

The weaknesses of grating and how to fight it in Pokémon Go

Grating is a giant ghost and a Dragon Pokemon. You will want to bring a dark Pokémon, dragon, fairy, ghost or ice type with you in the melee. Given the specificities of this Pokemon, you may have trouble finding a complete list of these types. You can not use the traditional types of fire, water, grass or air. These are generally the easiest to find, while the particular types require events or luck with a specific Pokemon egg that you have hatched.

Anyway, it s better to have that knowledge than not knowing what you are going first. What are your choices for each type?


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These are not your only choices for all types. But you will want to choose from these candidates. These are among the strongest in their categories, so if you have, make sure they are aligned to fight grating. The types of ghosts and fairies will be the hardest to find for your list. Gender is undoubtedly a solid choice, and larboards is another, especially since they had a rather new event. Several trainers will probably have a guard age in their list. You are ample time to train them and make them stronger before getting out.

Pokemon Go Tips - Weaknesses & Counters ( Types Advantages Explained ) Ice, Dark and Dragon types are probably your best option. Unfortunately, the dragons could be the most difficult to locate, because many of them are limited to legendary events or are difficult to find. The Dark and Ice will probably be the most frequently used, then increase your workforce with these options to prepare for your fight.

If you do not have any luck and have none of these options, do not discourage you. These raids consist of working with teammates to eliminate a large boss. Talk to your friends and tell them how they can help otherwise. They could even have some replacement Pokémon that they could use to make your team even more useful. Talk to his teammates is better than choosing to sit in general.

There are six different ex Pokémon Go the raids are happening in October. You have two more chances of catching Grating this month, October 9th and 16th. They will take place from 18:00 to 19:00 during your local time, then stop working as fast as you can, eat a little and skip out with your friends to start your raids. Grating will not wait for you forever.