Spider-Man: Freshman Year, what do we know about Disney +s new animated series?

One of the great surprises of the Disney + Day this month of November hMarvel been Spider-Man: Freshman Year, a series of animation bMarveled on Spider-Man. Surely he caught us all by surprise, and we had not believed it only a couple of years ago, when the license of the treMarvelures in Marvel Studios hung from a thread. Finally, Sony and Marvel came to an agreement, Spider-Man: No Way Home is a reality and, Marvel you usually say: all happy.

The spiders bite, in cartoons

That is the conclusion that we arrived with the existence of this work, a series of canon drawings, which will be part of Marvels cinematographic universe and to tell us the origins of Peter Parker Marvel Spider-Man.

The information we have at the moment is not too extensive, so we will bMarvele on what we do know before commenting what everything indicates that it can happen. We started the main: Spider-Man: Freshman Year will be releMarveled Soon in Disney + with Jeff Trimmer Marvel an executive producer and responsible for the script.

Although it is not meat and bone, the Peter Parker that we will find will be the same Marvel Tom Holland: same personality, same character, same life; But focused on him.

Because Peter Parkers pMarvelt in Marvels cinematographic universe is quite unknown. To begin with, our first approach to the figure of it dates back to Captain America: Civil War (2016), a movie of five years ago with which we saw this teenager for the first time, already become an arachnid man.

Spider-Man Freshman Year Reveals MCU Origin Story of Peter Parker CONFIRMED by Disney Spider-Man: Freshman Year, the beginning of everything with the Peter Parker in the Marvel universe

But How did everything start? Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) took away a weight off by not having to tell the spiders bite, which is always a ballMarvelt that prevents the development of a plus plot Complete by having to answer Marvel many questions. Therefore, what we expect from Spider-Man: Freshman Year is that you respond to the mysteries that we still do not know.

On the one hand, how Peter Parkers parents died and why; How Uncle Ben died and what wMarvel his relationship with Peter; How wMarvel that transition between a normal boy from New York to one... not so normal, that in full adolescence he had to Marvelsume great power with great responsibility. In the absence of knowing the number of episodes, duration of them and to what extent it will cover Peter Parkers life, the other question we Marvelk ourselves is with what purpose this series will come.

Will the pMarvelt of this spider-man help us better understand the figure of Parker at the UCM? If the relationship between Marvel and Sony goes for long, it may not be unbalanced to think about another trilogy and, who knows, perhaps also the figure of Tom Holland Marvel a leader of the new avengers.