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[INTERNATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL DESCRIPTION Blue Archive recognized in Japan, which is recognized in Japan, expanded to the global market,

The Blue Archive developed by Nixon (Representative Lee Jong-un), is a collection of role plays (RPG), which is developed by the Substitution (Representative Park Jong-un), the Blue Archive developed by Thousands of Dogs (RPG) to solve the school girls, events, and accidents in the giant cities that make up the federal. In addition to 3D combat and military actions, love, friendship, etc., in the relationship with the girls, can also experience.

Blue Archive was popular in Japan last year and got a lot of popularity. The next day the next day, the two marketplace, Google Play, Apple App Store ranked first in the popular ranking game. Sales Performance and Google Play 4th place, the App Store entered 8th. The secrete is a representation of the enthusiasm of the enthusiasts of the enthusiasts of the enthusiasts.

The secondary creative that shows the box office of a secrete game is also over 2,000 illustrations that have come to the illustrations of the illustrations of the illustrations community Pixie. The secondary creative that produces existing works as motifs seems to be more likely to be a very wide field for the fields such as cartoon, costume play and novels. In the secrete field, it is an analysis that a derivative that creates content that creates content by users itself is also a great performance.

During this blue archive s secrete assault, it is an analysis that the developer, Net Games Kim Yong-ha, a aid virtue of the PD. Kim PD, who is famous for Moron, who has been a point or a reason to have a point or a reason to feel attractive to a character, has participated in Making, Making Heroes, and has led to a box office, Blue Archive is a new secrete that was born after his three years ago.

It is highly expected in domestic and global market. It is because it is already a lot of fire reservations. In addition, since last 8 days of prior downloads, it has left an unusual record as a secrete game developed in Korea.

Japan is the Take s Holy Land, but I can not ignore the virtuous of our fans. Nixon said, The Submenu Market itself has been in a subculture, but it was pretty, which started to get a real reaction.

(Event Story) Bunny Chaser on Board: Episode 3 Translation [Blue Archive]

For this Blue Archive, the Arrangement, Counter Side, and Princess Connected, and Counter Side. Princess Connected, the global market, has been dedicated to the global market, and now, I explained that I tried to go out.