Superjin, Interest-based friends Find apps Signal Enhanced friends

[INTERNATIONAL) Superman (Joint Representative Lee Jin-ho, Na Young EUN) announced on the 15th that he has strengthened his friend s search for Signal.

Signal is a social service that helps you find friends online with common concerns and tastes. It is characterized that every day and hobby are shared by posts and communicate with friends with common concerns and hobbies. I was released in March and secured about 100,000 subscribers to date.

The company has enhanced the ability to easily and easily recommend friends and exploring friends with a variety of concerns. In addition to the conventional interests, you have added a new feature to find the new concern.

I am aware of this app reorganization, I am the meaning of this app reorganization to strengthen the purpose of the signal that is a common hobby and concern to communicate and communicate with a common hobby and concern to communicate with a common hobby and interest, I am aiming for service launches.

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On the other hand, Superman is a game that focuses on the Facebook Gaming Platform, established in 2016. Last year, sales of W26.7bn and have been recognized for the company s value of W150bn in the United Nations.