WM 2022 in Qatar: A boycott does not help people

Dietmar Chasers is Vice President of IG BAU and the International Construction and woodworkers Union BHI. In this function, he has led to the local organizing committee of the World Cup and the competent labor and social ministry in Qatar negotiations and made inspections on site. Here he speaks about progress and problems.

Wood Workers: Mr. Schaefer, you have used with the BHI very much for improvements in working conditions on the World Cup construction sites in Qatar. Are you satisfied with that so far?

Dietmar Schaefer : If you are reminiscent of the impressions of 2013, when the circumstances were really very bad, and considered how it looks today, then the mission has paid off. We have achieved improvements: the change of law that the Kamala system falls and that there may be no more advice. Since 2017 we can conduct independent international labor inspections on the construction sites, is also a positive achievement. But that does not mean that you can sit back now.

Where did the biggest progress have been made?

Giant steps were made in the situation of accommodation on the construction sites. Not only because you can urge the cat aria, too, because the companies have become much more sensitive and have provided that there are reasonable accommodation and a decent deployment. A big step is the introduction of the minimum wage and its annual review as well as the part of the contract components. The workers have their own speakers on the construction sites, there are any complaints and meetings, where they can tell their complaints to the Ministry and the Supreme Committee. Meanwhile, it is also possible that the migrant workers change the employer.

The number of inspectors must be massively increased.

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Dietmar Schaefer

Nevertheless, there are still significant deficits.

One can not expect to develop the situation in occupational safety and conditions of now on the same as we have them in Europe. Even in Germany, these changes have needed a long time. For us Europeans, this may be all small steps, for the Canaries are the giant steps.

Where are the biggest problems still?

In the implementation of what has been agreed, there are still a few difficulties. This is essentially on the fact that the number of inspectors must be massively increased. The will I can not agree to the cat aria, but strive is not enough. There must be further steps, even when working and health. On the World Cup construction sites, this is exemplary, but this does not apply to the whole country.

What do you think of a boycott of the World Cup?

After all the improvements — even if you do not have to give all the all-clear now — a boycott would be absolutely counterproductive. A boycott does not help people there. He would get the danger in themselves that there is a standstill, and standstill can not use the people down there.

Do you think that the changes will be preserved after the World Cup or even continue?

Faith and hope are not a strategy, so it will arrive to make further steps beyond the World Cup in other conversations. I am confident that this can succeed.


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A boycott does not help people

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