WoW Patch 9.2: Tier Sets

Whats up in WOW 9.2? Animal sets! These are in the coming patch 9.2 for many WoW players the absolute highlight from the update with the name end of eternity. Finally, after the experiment, Blizzard returns to the classic system of the 2er and 4-set bonuses after the experiment with the aerate armor and the splinter of the rule — but with an adjustment.

In the coming patch, the RAID is the fastest, but not the only way to equip you with the 9.2 animal sets. Also outside the raid, you will get the opportunity for the first system to return to the new system. Set items. How exactly this will work is still unclear. But that is finally non-raiders in the enjoyment of the iconic sets.

All set bonuses in the overview

The Detainees have broken the first build of the upcoming patch and found all 72 set bonuses, two per playing way. Of course, some are significantly cooler than others. But do not mislead from the respective numbers. The balancing of the sets has not started yet. The numbers will definitely change. Maybe we also see adjustments to the bonuses in itself.

Demon Hunter

Racquet Burning Hunger (2-Set) Damage Deal by Immolation Aura Has A 10% Chance to Generate A Lesser Soul Fragment. Rapacious hunger (4-set) Consuming A Lesser Soul Fragment Has A 100% Chance To Grant You 2 Sec of Immolation Aura, Or Extend An Existing Immolation Aura by 2 sec. Devastation D (2-Set) Increases Blade Dance and Death Sweep Damage by 20%. Deadly Dance (4-Set) Every Fifth Blade Dance Or Death Sweep Instantly Refunds Its Own Cooldown and Cost. Casting This Empowered Blade Dance Or Death Sweep Has A 15% Chance to Instantly Refund Its Own Cooldown and Cost.


Balance Umbra Embrace (2-set) Entering Lunar Eclipse Creates a Fury of Elude at 25% Effectiveness That Follows Your Current Target for 8 sec. Umbra Infusion (4-set) While in Eclipse, The Cost of StarS urge and Star fall is reduced by 20%. Guardian Architects Design (2-Set) Casting Bark skin Causes You to berserk for 4 sec. Architects Aligner (4-Set) While Berserker, You Radiate (45% of Attack Power) Cosmic Damage to Nearby Enemies and Heal Yourself for (61% of Attack Power) Every 1 sec. Restoration Renewing Bloom (2-Set) Swift mend Heals to Additional (Spell Power 21/100) for Each Periodic Healing Effect on the Target. Ephemeral Blossom (4-set) Swift mend Heals 4 Every Allies for 25% of Its Healing Done.

Patch 9.2 Just Had Big Updates! Tier Set Bonuses Revealed And PTR Later! - WoW: Shadowlands 9.1.5 wildness Ephemeral Being (2-Set) Each Combo Point Spent Reduces The Cooldown of Incarnation: King of the Jungle or berserk by 0.5 sec. Bleeding Soul (4-Set) When Berserk Ends You Lacerate All Nearby Enemies, Dealing (700% of Attack Power) Bleed Damage Over 10 sec.


Demonology Malicious Imp-Pact Your Hand Of GULDan Has A 5% Chance Per Soul Shard To Summon A Malicious Imp. When Slain, Malicious Imp Grants A Soul Shard and Will Either Deal (19% of Spell Power) Fire Damage to All Nearby Enemies of Your Implosion Or Deal It to Your Current Target. Ripped from the Portal Call Dread stalkers Has A 100% Chance to Summon at Additional Dread stalker. BEACH Calamitous Crescendo While Agony, Corruption, and Unstable Affliction Are Active, Your Drain Soul Has A 4% Chance and Shadow Bolt Has A 20% Chance to Make Your Next Malefic Rapture Cost No Soul Shards and Cast Instantly. Deliberate Malice Malefic Raptures Damage is Increased by 15% and Each Cast Extends The Duration of Corruption, Agony, and Unstable Affliction by 2 sec. Destruction Herald of Chaos Casting Rain of Fire Or Chaos Bolt Has A 20% Chance To Make The Next Cast of the Other. Avatar of Destruction When Rain of Fire Or Chaos Bolt Is Freely Cast, You Summon at Infernal for 8 sec.


Tierherrschaft Killing Frenzy (2-Set) Your Kill Command critical strike chance is increased by 15% for each stack of Frenzy your pet has. Killing Frenzy (4-Set) Kill Command critical hits increase the damage and cooldown reduction of your next Cobra Shot by 40%. Treffsicherheit Focused Trickery (2-Set) Trick Shots now also increases the damage to the affected shot by 30%. Focused Trickery (4-Set) Spending 80 Focus grants you 2 charge of Trick Shots. Aberdeen Mad Bombardier (2-Set) When Kill Command resets, it has a 40% chance to make your next Wildfire Bomb incur no cooldown. Mad Bombardier (4-Set) Your Wildfire Bombs deal 30% additional damage. This bonus is increased to 80% for bombs empowered by Mad Bombardier.