The NFL and the RAMs pay St. Louis 790 million US

Five years after the farewell of St. Louis and the return to Los Angeles, NFL and Rams pay $790 million (around 705.3 million euros) compensation to the city in Missouri.

On this comparison you have agreed, it was said in a message from the city and the district of Wednesday. St. Louis had sued the NFL and Rams owner Stan Krone to a billion US dollar compensation, after Krone had relocated the Rams back to Los Angeles. This lawsuit is now obsolete. The Rams had played in Los Angeles until 1995 and were then at home until 2016 in St. Louis.

Reason: Missing tax revenue

The NFL and Los Angeles Rams settle with St Louis for $790 MILLION for Rams departure! That teams in the big US leagues change the city is not unusual. So the Los Angeles Chargers played for about 2017 in San Diego. Lastly, Oakland Raiders moved around and have been the Las Vegas Raiders since 2020.

However, St. Louis had accused the NFL and Krone, broken rules to move a team and, among other things, brought the region by millions of tax revenues. Several court judgments had so far been in the sense of the plaintiff. According to reports of US media, the NFL, Krone and the other league owners share the 790 million US dollars.